how it works


Dynamic pricing algorithms calculate mark-ups for check-in dates based on destination demand and supply, competiveness and local events.


Align pricing with your booking volumes. Optimise mark-ups  for single hotels, hotel clusters, city star ratings, cities, countries and regions. 


By analysing your historic and on-the-books room-nights we are able to forecast Demand and when we combine Demand with Supply we have a powerful data-driven Demand/Supply pricing model.


By accessing your live availability through your XML we can accurately measure hotel availability across future check-in dates.


We provide real time access to a live listing of over 5 million events around the world. Select and import these events into your custom city events list.


If you have access to rate comparison data you can use this in our pricing model. We are developing our own price comparison service that will soon be integrated this into our system.


Amazon cloud

If we are providing you with Software as a Service, we will create an exclusive Amazon Elastic Compute server to host your copy of the RevenueNexus system. Your application and data are monitored with Amazon Cloud Watch and backed up daily using Amazon’s S3 service.

Open source stack

The platform is built on a standard Java, MySQL software stack.


XML and JSON API’s are available to load bookings and hotel data from your secure FTP location. Output mark-ups are available to you in XML or JSON format from our secure FTP location.


We use Zendesk's customer service platform  to provide integrated e-mail and  live chat support backed-up with  a comprhensive self-service support centre.


Software as a Service
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